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Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Short Story About A Girl

You want to know about me? I am the kind of girl that enjoys having fun and doing fun things. I enjoy hanging with my friends and just goofing off. I like to get up and do stuff instead of watching my life slowly pass me by like turtles stuck in peanut butter. I hate drama, arguments and competitions. I try to stay away from those things, but unfortunately in the real world you can't, even if you try your best too. I intend to space out a lot and enter my little world inside my head. I love anime and music. Beside my friends those are the other two things that keeps me from going insane from having to deal with all the problems life sends flying my way.Okay actually there's one other thing that I LOVE....and his name is Johnny, Johnny Yong Bosch. {faints} LOL. I love to meet new people. I may seem shy when I first talk to you but once I open up I'm a fun and caring person. Oh and I'm a Twitter addict. Haha. I have three accounts and I love to tweet. If you have a Twitter feel free to follow me. My main account is called @Chappy_Lover Anywho, thank you for following on my blog. This is my first time on one of these things. Thank you once again. With Love, Me xoxo

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